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Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

Remembering all your passwords and user accounts is not always very easy. Fortunately, if it’s a key that is already saved on your computer, but that you cannot see because its characters are hidden, you can recover it by using tools like Asterisk Key.

Asterisk Key will scan the applications that are running on your system and display all the characters that are hidden under asterisks.
Besides being able to scan very quickly, this program also allows you to stop the scanning process anytime you want, so that you can instantly free all your computer’s resources.

A feature which I like is that this program was designed to be as convenient as possible. Asterisk Key offers a menu shortcut that will enable you to copy the password that it recovered with a single click. Furthermore, you can save a text report, thus ensuring that you will not have the repeat the entire procedure if you forget the same password more than once.

The only disadvantage which I could find while testing the program is that it mainly works for the passwords saved in your browser. When I tried Asterisk Key on my Windows User Account key and on a protected PDF document, it was unable to identify the password edit boxes.

In the end, I think that Asterisk Key is a good tool to have at your disposal. This application quickly gets the job done, is easy to use and doesn’t come with a price tag attached, so it’s worth trying out.


  • The scanning process is very fast.
  • The program allows you to stop the scanning process at any point.
  • It allows you to save text reports.


  • It mainly works for the web-pages that you have open and not for the applications that you have installed.

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